Preschoolers Daily Schedule

     6:30- 8:00am  Greet Parents and Children Arrive

      8:00- 9:00am  Breakfast

      9:00- 9:30am  Potty Time or Change diapers/ Hand washing

      9:30- 9:50am  Circle Time/ Music and Movement

    9:50- 10:10am  Morning Snack

  10:10- 10:45am  Outside Play

  10:45- 11:30am  Learning Centers/ Teacher and Student 1-on-1

  11:30- 11:45am  Potty Time/ Hand washing

  11:45- 12:15pm  Lunch and Clean up 

    12:30- 2:30pm  Afternoon Nap

      2:30- 3:00pm  Wake- up and Potty Time/ Hand washing

     3:00- 3:20pm  Afternoon Snack

     3:20- 3:50pm  Outside Play

     4:00- 4:40pm  Free Play/ Table Games

     4:40- 5:00pm  Clean- up and Potty Time/ Hand washing

     5:00- 5:30pm  Goodbye/ Clean- up Prep